Safeguarding on The Hub - Tutors

Safeguarding on the Hub

Hub messaging is the only way that students and tutors should communicate outside of tutorials. You must never give students access to your professional or personal email addresses, telephone numbers or social media. If a student contacts you using any means apart from the Hub you must inform your Programme Officer immediately and must not reply to the student. 

If anyone else – for example, a parent – contacts you about a student on the programme, you should not reply to them, but inform your Programme Officer immediately.

Message Moderation

We have a moderation system in place for messages sent over the Tutor/Student Hub, messages are flagged to safeguard both you and your students. 

If a message is flagged for moderation, a banner will appear above the message bar to notify you and it will not be forwarded to the recipient. There will also only be one grey tick next to the message(s). Please note that whilst messages are being moderated, they will not appear in the chat. Once reviewed:

  • If the message is approved, the message will appear in the chat for both you and the recipient(s) when they next log in and two ticks will indicate that it has been forwarded to the recipient.
  • If the message is declined, it will not appear in the chat.

We ask that you please allow time for moderation and remind your students to do the same; we advise allowing 24 hours.

Here's where you can find more information about messaging.

Flagging a Safeguarding Concern from the Hub

If you spot a message or file that is a safeguarding risk, please follow our safeguarding policy and contact The Brilliant Club’s safeguarding team immediately by emailing with your Programme Officer copied in.

More specifically:

  • If you spot a message or file that you believe was shared accidentally and/or is not appropriate, but does not represent a safeguarding risk, please notify your Programme Officer so that they can look into removing it from view.
  • If students share links to live documents with you, do not click the link as this would reveal personal contact details. Please flag to your Programme Officer and ask the student to submit their work by sharing a downloaded document.