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Assignments and Homework

How can students submit work on the Hub?

Students can upload word, pdf or image files onto the Hub. If students share links to live documents with you, do not click the link as this would reveal personal contact details. Please flag to your Programme Officer and ask the student to submit their work by sharing a downloaded document. Please view our Safeguarding FAQ for more details on files and safeguarding. 

How can I view and mark students' homework and assignments?

You can manage the work students submit in the ‘Assignments’ tab on the placement view.

You can also update the due date that students can view on this page. Please note, you cannot update the Final Assignment due date as it is a national deadline which you cannot edit. 

To view and mark the assignments, click ‘view submissions’ where you will see a list of students with their submissions. Click ‘mark’ to provide marks for each student; the overall mark will be calculated for you based on the sub-marks you enter. You should provide marks using the standardised mark scheme which you can find in your course guidance or in the handbook.

If delivering a problem set course, you will be able to add problem set marks directly on the Hub here too. 

Students will not be able to see their marks at any point on the Hub, these will just be read by The Brilliant Club. 

Teachers can only monitor baseline and final assignment submissions, they cannot see marks for either assignments until they have been through our moderation process before Tutorial 7. It looks like this:

To provide feedback, you should use the chat to either send typed feedback or a document with your feedback to the students. This could be individually or you may wish to send general class feedback in the group chat.  

You can access the template for final assignment feedback forms here. These should be shared with students via the Hub chat at the appropriate time.