How do I submit my homework and assignments? - Students

How do I submit my assignments and homework?

This short video shows how to submit assignments and homework. 

Your tutor will set you homework and assignments. If you need more information about what you need to do, then you can look in your handbook or by asking your tutor in the chat on the Hub. 

You can see your assignments and homework from the Tasks page on the Hub like this:

You can submit your work by clicking on the name of the work you want to submit from the tasks page. For example, to submit your Baseline Assignment click where it says Baseline Assignment. You will then see a page like this:

How do I see the work I have submitted? 

Once you have submitted your work, you can view it by clicking back into the work from the 'Tasks' page. The following page will appear. Click on the link to view your upload(s), it will also show the date that you submitted.

What should I do if I upload the wrong file?

You cannot add a new submission after you have clicked ‘Upload your assignment’. If you need to send your tutor another file, you can do this in your chat.

What are the assignments and homework?

  • Baseline assignment: your tutor will ask you to complete this at the start of the programme, after your first tutorial. This is to help them decide how to best support you and the other students throughout the programme
  • Final assignment: your tutor will ask you to complete this at the end of the programme. This is your opportunity to show them the progress you have made in your skills and knowledge.
  • Tutorial homework: your tutor will ask you to complete other work throughout the programme. Completing this work will help you to get ready for your final assignment.
Your tutor will provide you with feedback throughout the programme to help you develop your knowledge and skills. They will share your feedback in the chat you have with your tutor.