How do I log in? - Students

How can I access the Hub?

You can use any device to access the Hub, it will work on a mobile or tablet as well as a laptop or computer. 

How do I log in?

This short video shows how to log in. 

Your teacher will provide you with your email address and password to log in. Make a note of these so you don’t forget them!

  1. To log in go to
  2. Enter your email address below the pink box where it says 'enter your username or email address'. Click 'log in' and you will then be asked to enter your password as well. 

How do I log out?

To log out, go to your navigation bar – you’ll find this at the top of your page on a laptop/computer or at the bottom on a mobile/tablet. Click on the profile icon.

On the drop down you’ll see the option to log out – click on this to log out.

If you forget your password

If you forget your password, your teacher will be able to share it with you again so you should ask them for some help. They can also update your email or password if you would like them to.