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How do I view and update my tutorials?

On the Tutorials tab you can view your tutorial times, join online tutorial links and complete your tutorial data. Please see below steps for completing your registers and also for troubleshooting support.

To complete your tutorial data, click the ‘register’ button next to the tutorial you have delivered. You then have the following data to complete:

You must complete your tutorial registers within 24 hours of the tutorial taking place.


We appreciate that some tutors are seeing error messages or delays with their tutorial registers. Please see below some workarounds if you encounter any issues.

  • Error message when opening tutorial register. The site is having to download a lot of data when opening the tutorial registers and sometimes it takes too long and an error message occurs. Usually refreshing the page resolves this issue.
  • Registers are not saving. Please wait a few hours before checking if your registers have saved. There is a short delay at the moment.
  • Half the register has saved. Please get in touch with your Programme Officer with what the register should be, and they will update this for you.